Summer Zaful wishlist

June 24, 2018

Hello readers! How are you?

I just want to share that this popular online store, Zaful has this amazing sale going on right now. They mainly sell trendy clothes for women. I browsed through their website and I noticed they are THE PERFECT store that sells tube smocked tops of all kinds and all patterns. It's perfect because it's summer and I also noticed that they have 4th anniversary sales going on. There's tons of ways to save on their anniversary sales and to my calculations... that's literally A LOT OF savings!!

Here are some listings,

Would be so cute to pair with light colored shorts/skirts!

Gingham Tube Top ($4.99) 
This is more like a bandeau than a proper top- sexy and cute!

I love the deep color of green, certainly goes well with denim bottoms~

The clueless look is 100% for sure in trend this year, I'm so into it too!

Red is absolutely my favorite color, I would definitely sport this.

This has to be my favorite- innocent and simple. Would pair this with denim shorts.

They're doing sales like buy 3 items and get 40% off and/or spend $50 and get $20 off of that, isn't that crazy? I'm so serious! I even checked to make sure lol. They really got a good sale going on right now. You'll deff save a lot with this year's Zaful sales. You can save more too with this coupon code ZFTina and you get $3 off $25 or $6 off $50!

Thank you for reading this post, it's summer and I've been extremely busy so I actually enjoyed browsing their store and checking out these super cute summer tops. I wish I could go out and spend summer quality time but I'm so exhausted from work/study. It was refreshing to look at cute things and spend time that involves with fashion and blogging. Will plan to get back at it soon! In the meantime you can follow me on instagram. Thank you 

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90's Look

January 29, 2018

photography to Jenna

MOM JEANS: Thrifted

Hey yall, this is my latest look and tbh I didn't much thought into the color coordination other than trying to the stick to the 90s theme going on here, lol... if you could tell. Most of these items are also thrifted and vintage pieces so it really has the old 90's feel to these clothes. I'm also going to include this outfit in my youtube video titled turtleneck outfits // winter lookbook? We'll see but the video will definitely be posted before this month ends because winter is going to end soon!

Thanks for visiting and reading my blog!

Cool Denim

January 16, 2018

photography to Sam


The weather in New York is at it's coldest right now! This outfit was worn just before the crazy snowstorm but it the wind was sharp as ever. The denim coat from StyleWe has shearling fur like lining in the denim coat so it absorbs the wind from coming through the denim. I was impressed that this coat could be used as a winter coat. Letting the coat be the main staple of the outfit, I wore black the help the denim color pop. I will be posting a winter lookbook video up on my youtube soon. Thank you for your patience and I hope 2018 kicked off great for yall!

Bomber Girl

December 12, 2017

photography to Jenna

DENIM SKIRT: Forever21

I haven't been posting in a while, just got busy with a lot of things and haven't really been good with planning and organizing withI want to put out on my blog. As well my other social medias now that I'm expanding to youtube!! I'll be posting a winter lookbook video of outfits that's perfect to wear in the beginning of winter. Winter in New York can get really cold so these outfits are made to be worn before it gets REALLY COLD, haha.

Hoodie Look

November 8, 2017

photography to Jenna

HOODIE: Primark
SOCK BOOTS: Dollskill

New hoodie I got from Paris back when I visited Amsterdam with Laura. This was actually the men's section and I bought it in xl. She also bought it too with a smaller size. I love the font on the sweater which says "Lost Souls". It's a really cool graphic design even if its considered simple. It's super soft and perfect as a sweater/dress!

Also.. ITS REAL. I have a youtube channel where I'm film speed painting/drawing. I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. I've also gotten several to suggest to put makeup tutorials and lookbook vids??! I'm nervous even by just putting my hand on a video LOL but I do want to film tutorials and lookbook so I'll put that into deep consideration. My first video is already uploaded here!


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