Sammydress Haul Review

February 6, 2013

Warning! Super lengthy and heavy post.
Not too long ago, I stumbled onto a online shopping site called Sammydress. It's a wholesale site based in China and basically sells clothes, shoes, accessories, household items, etc. at a very cheap or affordable price! I instantly got attached to the site and spent hours browsing through everything. Sammydress sells different selections of items and updates frequently so it took me days to decide what to buy. Of course since it's a wholesale site, the quality might not be what you would expect. I thought I would give it a try and after my first experience, I made 3 more orders. I received 4 parcels in total.

Please read the whole post if you are interested in purchasing from Sammydress. I will do my best to share my experience with you and hope you will come to a best decision when considering to order from Sammydress.


Most of my orders were jewelries but I did buy a pair of shoes and 2 blouses. My first experience with Sammydress went very well. I only bought jewelries from the start and I was very pleased so I ordered again. This time I bought a pair of shoes and 4 brushes and I was satisfied with the outcome. I ordered the third time which was only jewelries and I was really happy with all my purchases even though 2 of them were out of stock and I decided to replace them with something else.  I happened to be lucky that someone was available on the live chat to help me walk through the problem since no one notified me that 2 items from my order were out of stock for over a week until I e-mailed them asking any updates for my order. I somewhat became so attached to the site that I wanted to order another batch because I looked through the blouses and I thought to myself I must buy this especially since it's so cheap! And so, I made my 4th and last order.

I will put the stock photo on top of the the actual photo. Prices might have been altered at the site but I will put down the price that I bought it for.

Really outstanding brushes! I thought the brushes would be harsh and scratchy but its very soft. I had no idea these brushes were meant to be "ecotools" dupes until I unwrapped the packet. So it got me fooled for a second, thinking they were the real thing but the pack said 5 brushes when it really came with 4 brushes. I use these brushes for concealer or blush and it works fine!

The ring was surprisingly heavy and it fits perfectly! This tends to run in a bigger size so it is able to fit on your thumb as well. I just have sausagey fingers so it fits my index finger very nicely. However the color started to fade a little and became a bit rusty, causing my finger to turn slightly green.

I really love this necklace and it seems like it looks exactly like the stock photo. The only reason why I rated 4 out of 5 stars is because the apple fell off the chain. I was able to put it back on easily so this shows the chain can easily get damaged. Nonetheless, the pendant is beautiful and the chain gives off a vintage rust.

Really cute and colorful! It looks exactly like the stock photos and I really like that the color "disappears" when the bracelet is at a certain angle. The bracelet is adjustable to any wrist. I haven't worn it out yet though.

I really find this ring adorable. However, I expected the color of this ring to be more rusty than shiny gold. Also it instantly made my fingers green.

It's exactly like the stock photo and it fits in my wrist perfectly! The bracelet is quite heavy and sturdy. The color is exactly alike even though the actual picture doesn't show it. Sorry, I took this under a lamp during the night but its perfect.You can wear this for any occasion.

This was a huge disappointment. It said it comes with 5 rings so I thought I would receive 5 engraved rings with different words and different shades of rings. I actually received 5 rings that had the same engraved words that said "Free" and were all silver. It's pointless to wear all 5 of them repeating the same word "Free". I gave each rings to my friends. I guess I was misled by the stock photo shone above.

Looks exactly like the stock pictures. The ring does indeed stretch so it is able to fit snug with any finger size. I was afraid it would come out differently because the description said the ring is made cloth and metal. I didn't understand how this huge ring would have cloth in it as a material. I later speculated that the string that binds the petals together is what they called "cloth".

Casual Stylish Vintage Platform Shoes with Splicing Panther Print - $17.30

This item is my top favorite purchase that I'm satisfied with! I've been looking for leopard creepers everywhere with that type of height. Not many stores sell such high creepers. Well this is roughly about 4cm, but still. It's somewhat exactly like the stock photo and it fits true to size. I've worn these shoes twice and they're perfectly fine! They're shoes are on point and really good quality. I would probably purchase another pair of shoes at some point in the future.

It was not a good idea to buy this shirt because the collar is not folded properly and more curved. It's not what I wanted...Also wearing this top made me feel uncomfortable and felt more tight than how the stock photo would feel. I am sad with this purchase.

Not exactly like the stock picture. The chain length is a little different and I thought the stud would be more longer and sharper like the stock picture. When I opened the packet, the studs is quite short and stubby. I wanted it to stand out more when I place it on my blouse or something. So I was a little upset about it but the chain is good material and everything else is great quality.

This would be my favorite purchase because the watch looked so beautiful with the rhinestones and all but... in 2 months, this watch broke. It broke so soon!!! I am so disappointed with that and thought it could last me for a very loooong time. It was cheap, so I guess I should have expected this... but the website said the straps were made of leather, so you would think that this watch is pretty good quality, no?

The blue color is more of a mint shade and the pink color is more peachy apricot, which I don't mind. I didn't rate it a full complete 5 stars because there were 2 blue pen marks on the pendant when I unwrapped the packet and that bothered me.

There were just a lot of flaws with this shirt. It's not worth buying this if there's a lot of differences with the stock photo. The sleeves are shorter and tighter than the stock photo and the collar is bigger than the stock photo. That might be ok but the pearls are not beaded in correctly and also the placement of these beads sorta looks messy. I am definitely not happy with this purchase.

It's cute but it was kind of a let down because the necklace broke and it felt so cheap. It does look like the stock photo but the color is wayyy off. 

The site claims that the cherry beads are made out of glass but I'm quite skeptical about that. Regardless of the material, the bracelet looks exactly like the stock photo and you can tell that it won't break at all.

100% legit since it always directs you to paypal once you're ready to purchase. This site is also super easy to navigate. There are categories and within those categories, there are sub categories to further your search. You can sort through the item by ascending/ descending prices to recent updates. I would recommend sorting them through reviews just so you can see the general idea of how their items are like and also they might post an actual photo of their purchases.

Just keep in mind if the stuff that you're buying is ethically produced. Please refer to the description located above the stock photos so you can have an accurate idea of the material of the item and the size. But even so, when you get the actual item, it may be completely different to what you expected. Just don't have high expectations. 

Notice that "free size" does not really fit anyone. It mostly fits a size small to medium but mostly small. I think I would stay away from clothings and jewelries and just stick to shoes like the creepers I bought.

Costumer Service
Getting help is quite difficult on this site. They lack potential in this area but they are friendly and give correct information. However, they might respond in a week and their live chat is confusing to use. The online operators rarely replies back and suddenly disappears. It's best if you just submit a ticket online rather than mailing them personally. I've had trouble getting hold of them when two of the items in my order were out of stock. I believe they can do a better job on this area because people are paying for their products -cheap or not, and would like to be updated with their order.

If all the items are in stock, the latest it takes to process the order is a week. If the items are out of stock, it might take close to 2-3 weeks. Once it ships out, the stuff arrives pretty fast. I chose standard shipping to save money and since I live in the U.S. it took 2 weeks or less to arrive and I did not have to pay any customs or duties. Shipping price may a bit expensive but it is because they are shipping from China and they determine the price by the weight of the item.

If you want to save the shipping fee, they always have free shipping on select items (most of them are jewelry).

There are a couple of ways to save more money when making an order at Sammydress.
1. There's always a coupon code, just google it.
2. Pay by mobile, it said they take off 8% off.
3. Use your S points.

My experience with Sammydress was not the very best. I've experienced with better websites. If you can't wait for more than 3 weeks for your items to arrive, forget about it. When you really need costumer service, its not really there for you. The prices are amazing and super affordable but that doesn't mean you're getting a bang for your buck. You could just be wasting it. I would not recommend this to a friend but if you are willing to try it, give it a go!!

Sorry for the long post but thank you guys for reading! If you have any questions, please comment. I'll be sure to reply!


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