Fall Semester

September 30, 2013

Been waiting for awhile and finally purchased a slr camera. Bought a couple of other things before I started this semester and reckon this "shopping spree" will be my early birthday present. keke. Getting ditched by a couple of my friends lately so I often find myself stuck in the library for a couple of hours... studying. Pft, I'm really not that studious.
Random photos from past weeks but most of these pictures are taken in the city when I was venturing with Jenna. I hate not having the chance to blog weekly. One thing I really love about blogging is sharing my creative side. I enjoy editing photos, sketching, sharing my thoughts, and expanding my own self. The scarcity of time prevents all of us wanting to do what we really want to do.
Eh, it's no fun experimenting it myself. Who wants to take pictures with/for me?

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