December 31, 2013

photography credits to Jenna

Striped Cardigan and Jeggings- Cotton On
Crochet Sweater - Gap
Chelsea Boots - Forever21

These were taken a few weeks ago (before the weather got too crazily cold). Snagged these lovely boots on sale back from Black Friday. Not really a heel type of person but I kind of desired a specific type of boots that have a small chunky heel and has a slight pointy figure. Wish I can dress like this more often, keke.

Nonetheless, 2014 will be approaching in a matter of hours! Sadly, I haven't created enough memories that I can share with you... but I most definitively will make a recap as of next year. I can't wait to be more productive here and and interact more with you and this community ^^
Thank you and see you next year. Happy New Year! 

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