Lookin Posh

January 22, 2014

photography credits to Connie

Unbranded Faux Fur Jacket - My Mom's
Leggings - Uniqlo
Sweater and Heeled Boots - Mystic Boutique

Took this pictures while it was snowing, it was so brrrrr-eezing cold. Unleashed my inner fanciness- just to an extent with none of that flashiness. Like the last post, pretty much focusing on one aspect and this one would be all of that furrrr. Even though this outfit wasn't intentionally meant to be too opulent, my jacket certainly received long glances like I've gone mad (... but hey, at least it was rad).
I'm too addicted in dressing black. Argh, gotta ease it up.

Drawing a fur jacket was quite challenging! I'm quite proud of how it came out since it took me awhile to get the textures and colors to look similar to the one in the pictures. Although I admit, could have done bit better but at least it was the closest I can get. 


  1. lovely outfit, you have amazing pictures !


  2. ahh love this outfit! you look gorgeous!
    xx Ayesha


  3. I adore your jacket it's soooo perfect! It reminds me of the one that I have except yours is super fuzzy. I think that the jacket accented your all black outfit quite well. And your drawing is always amazing. Also when people stare it's a sign that you've caught their attention because your jacket is way cool and they wish they had one like it, haha!

    Neon Fox



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