Denim Rock

February 5, 2014

photography credits to Jenna

Guns n roses sweatshirt - Urban Outfitters
Creepers - Sammydress

Was in a mood for something rock like and different. Wasn't sure if creepers would make it "right" but completing it with high waist jeans certainly finished it. Received these high waist jeans from Jollychic and I love  how snug it fits on me. I tend to think that anything high waist highlights the best body features and also it's quite trendy. Somehow emits bad ass from me as well, haha.

Hung out with my two super awesome people. One of course, would be Jenna but it's too bad she refuses to be on my blog. The other awesome person is Brian. He shows such deep interests when it comes to fashion. This kid is trendier than I am and is a master in classic looks. Wish I was able to snap some more solo photos of him since he really knows how to work the camera 

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