Fine Perwinkle

May 7, 2014

photography credits to Connie

Denim Usamimi - Ebay
Unbranded Lavender Sweater
High Waist Jeans - c/o Jollychic
Shadows 6000 Original Sneaker - Saucony

Was going for something cute but dope. Just sticking with two colors just for that simplicity. Not sure if I succeeded but what I do know is that I am looking hella fine (wait, I'm lying).

Aside from that lame joke, you won't believe me ...but on the day I was searching for pack of tissues at a 99 cents store, I snagged this sweater out of pure coincidence. Certainly impressed being that the material is pure cotton. Must have been super lucky on that day. Talking about this makes me want to go thrift shopping, keke.

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