Down in the Rabbit Hole

September 3, 2014

photography credits to Connie

Eyelet Dress - Old Navy
Black Socks - Uniqlo
White Velcro Sandals - Yesstyle

The color and the hair accessory reminds me of an all-time popular children story- Alice in Wonderland. Although not similarly dressed as the adorable Alice, it has a sense of sweetness and pureness that lies within the main character. I envisioned myself living in that wonderland as I wandered in IKEA with Connie, hehe.

Lately, it's been very common to pair shirts with dresses just like sandals with socks.
I find this styling technique to be such a simplistic tactic that highlights the design and the architecture of the main piece but projecting it in a creative way. But then again, color is the key balance to the whole out. Sorry for my rambling but I hope you guys experiment and see what I mean ^^

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