September 17, 2014

Too bad that Summer is ending. It was fun dressing in loose and tropical pieces while it lasted!
Stay tuned to see my Fall outfits! I just love fall... more oversized tops!
photography to Jenna

Thrifted Flannel - Gap
NYLA Crop Shirt - Brandy Melville
Caged Platform Sandals - Ebay

Here I am, wearing an oversized flannel with platform shoes. Don't worry, I'm wearing shorts under!
I love anything oversized! It makes me feel cozy and safe, keke. Being that I'm petite, oversized pretty much makes me even tinier. So I added more inches to my height by wearing these babes.

Here's Brian's mini outfit of the day. He appeared on my blog earlier this year in a much sportier look.
It's like we're total opposites! Hope you don't mind the pretty boy's outfit~

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