School Skirt

November 23, 2014

Photography to Connie

Biker Jacket - Beverly Hills Polo
White Shirt - Gap
Tartan Knife Pleated Skirt - Vintage
Knee Socks - Target
Arcade Cutout Platform Boots - Topshop

I'm in love with these uniform like skirts, something high school girls in Japan would wear.
It's so freaking cute and I happen to find this in my room sitting at the corner of my top shelf.
Rui showed me this really similar cute knife pleated skirt on ebay and I can't wait to buy it in navy with Connie so we can match!!!

The weather was hellishly cold. Future cold weather = no skirts or dresses.
It really sucks because even if I try, I will have to wear tights underneath and I'd prefer opaque/ really thin ones which wouldn't keep me warm. The only way to combat the cold weather by wearing dresses is by wearing thick tights that's almost like leggings. Ugh, I can't do that. Grrr, sorry for the mini rant. Thanksgiving is coming up and I just can't wait to stuff myself and shop on black Friday!


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