Something Punk

November 9, 2014

photography to Connie

Clear Spiked Choker - Etsy
Overcoat - Liz Claiborne
Baby Pink Mohair - c/o Missguided
High Waist Jeans - Pacsun
Platform Boots - H&M

I absolutely love pastel colors but I'm always too scared to dress in light colors.
Hence you can see only one pink sweater while the rest is black ish.
I feel like dressing too much pink might look too girly or very expressive of myself.
So I always dress in darker colors to hide my insecurity and then add some spikes to assure safety.  I love my studded choker that I received as a bday present from my none other, best friend Jenna. Not a lot of people notice the spiked choker until I start to itch my neck and then they start to back off a bit. Haha.

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