Denim Days

December 29, 2014

photography to Connie

Beige Beanie - Morning Glory
Denim Jacket - Brandy Melville
Flannel - Mystique Boutique
Jaws Muscle Tank - Universal Studios
High Waist Jeans - Pacsun
Platform Boots - H&M
Choker - DIY

Thank goodness the hellish school days are finally over. Sorry for my inactivity! I never knew studying can be so time consuming, it's so troublesome to deal with all of the stress. Nonetheless, I absolutely had so much fun during my Christmas week! I shopped and went to karaoke to my heart's content and did all the craziest things when reconnecting with my friends.

I love this denim jacket that I picked up at Brandy Melville during Black Friday. It's usually hard to find boxy and oversized denim jackets that flatters the body but this one totally completed everything that I was looking for. The price point was affordable ($36) but as usual, this only came in one size, whatever though. It still looks good~
Then I just topped it off with a graphic shirt and flannel to hit that grungy look.

This year has been a great ride though hellish.
Perhaps I'll see you next year?

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