36th street

February 8, 2015

photography from Brian

Charcoal Overcoat - Liz Claiborne
Black High Low Sweater - Mystique Boutique
High Waist Jeans - c/o Jollychic
Platform Boots - h&m

Today's weather was roughly around the 40s so I was relieved to wear a not so puffy coat. I opted to wear an overcoat. I was inspired to wear jeans with an overcoat because it looks a bit classic but yet casual. I've can't wait till it gets warmer so I can dress up in a wilder way and wear dresses, hehe.

I recently got featured by lookbook via instagram and I was so happy! It lifted up my spirits to see that lookbook finally acknowledged my existence style! I have never experienced a lot of hypes, followers, and likes- so that was quite a big shock. Nonetheless, I am super overjoyed to have a lot of people glance at my style. I would like to thank lookbook and my friends and followers for support. I hope to blog, post, and instagram more in the near future.

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