Oversized Pink

February 1, 2015

School is starting this week and I have been confused during this whole break. I sort of lost myself and aimlessly questioned about my progress in life. I admit, it takes me awhile to blog because my motivation to blog sort of slacked off. I felt like my blog made no progress. My mind is still not clear but I am still determined to blog because I have always been dedicated to fashion.

photography from Connie

Knitted Black Beanie - Morning Glory
Studded clear choker- Etsy
Pink cardigan, leggings, black leather bag, socks, black platforms - H&M

I kind of gotten attached to H&M because its basic but it looks so good, I can't explain. I'm becoming too absorbed with the color black. Maybe it's because of the cold weather, I can't help but dress in black. I have no shame at all, haha.

I would like to dress in white because it looks so plain and simple but it gets dirty really quick. The snow has gotten all disgusting and very slushy. Hopefully this bad weather goes away soon.

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