Velcro Coolness

May 26, 2015

photography to Brian
Gray Halter Crop Tank - Brandy Melville
Denim High Waist Shorts - American Apparel
Striped Socks - H&M
White Platform Velcro Sandals - Yesstyle
Holographic Tote Bag - Ebay

Yes! Finals week is finally over. Now I am going to relax and blog od~~

The weather is pretty hot right now. I have been wearing crop tanks and I love them!!
I like to go for a simpler but cute outfit and just focusing on colors that would go with denim.
I absolutely love holographic color! It's so pretty and shiny but it doesn't hurt my eyes which makes any product that has holographic amazing!!

I haven't blogged in awhile so I apologize for that 
How is your summer so far?!!

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