90s Denim Dress

August 16, 2015

photography to connie

Hi~ Back again with a lighter hair color and a blunt cut! What do you think? 
All I have left is to tone... but I'm not sure if I should add a pastel color now because I really like the results so far and I don't want to mess it up! .... I must go on!

Gingham Shirt- Brandy Melville
90's Denim Dress- Glasgow Vintage Co.
Eggplant Socks- Meinu
White Fisherman Platform Sandals- Boohoo
Thrifted Leather Backpack- Cleo & Patek
Clear PVC Heart Choker- Ebay

This denim dress that I copped out from a vintage store was the most adorable thing that I have ever seen! It sort of reminded me what the girls would wear in the 90s so I had to buy it. The size isn't perfect but it is neither tight nor loose and it's a bit low so I wore a shirt under. Seems a little country gal I admit, but thanks to the clear heart choker and eggplant socks, my outfit earns some badness points!  Hope you like!

Comment and tell me what you think about this outfit or my hair!! I will reply and check you out ~

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