Pinafore Dress

August 23, 2015

photography to Sam

I'm so in love with pinafore dresses because it's clean and simple.

I love dresses that follows a baby doll dress design since it is not tight at all and it cinches slightly at the upper waist area. It's perfect for something casual or going for a vintage look. Have you noticed I dyed my hair again?! To be exact, I toned my hair and it turned grayer than I predicted. I'm fine with this result but I'll wait till the gray goes away for a bit after a couple of washes.

Striped Tee- American Apparel
Pinafore Dress - Lightinthebox
Platform Sandals- Boohoo
Bagpack- Cleo & Pateh
Bucket Hat- Flying Tiger
Studded Clear Choker- Etsy

Summer is ending and I'm so bummed out that next week is when school starts. The hot weather is going to go away and I have to get ready to wear fall clothes. I'm just not ready for that! Well, whatever, at least my birthday is next month. Hope you guys are ready for the end of the summer!

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