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September 16, 2015

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Dresslink kindly contacted me last month and sent me a few selections that I chose from their website. With these items that I chose, I hoped to wear and create an outfit blog and lookbook post. You may have seen them in my previous outfit posts (I will link the outfit post later on). This post is just a review of the items that I received from Dresslink. I will also share my comments on the quality, price, shipping time, and satisfaction.

The items are sponsored by Dresslink but my thoughts and comments are all honest!! I'm legit yo~

Dresslink is a wholesale webshop that sells many variety of things for cheap. You name it- clothes, shoes, bags, home decor, lights, etc. I mostly browsed through the clothes and accessory section. I see that most of their clothes are geered towards Asian fashion. They had a lot of selections in their clothes but there wasn't a lot of "bad" type of clothes that I liked (since Asian fashion aren't usually into punk or grunge fashion). I requested a dress, jean, necklace set, and crop tank. I was so excited when the package arrived and couldn't wait to try them on and give you guys a review about them!

These photos are taken by my current phone because of convenience. Also I apologize in advance but because of my small room, I am unable to take better photo angles or full body pictures of the clothes.

I absolutely love the stock photo. I never thought of combining 3 choker necklaces altogether so when I saw this photo, I immediately wanted this. However, when I got the product, the measurements were not exactly the same like the picture shown. The bottom two necklaces were a lot longer. The crystal pendant is poorly put together- you can see the dried up glue still oozed out and the crystal is not perfectly put into place. Also the sun necklace is a lot longer- way past into the chest but the sun necklace on the stock photo is still above the chest. The yin yang choker is perfectly fine.

Out of all the items from dresslink, I love this one so much! The rips are amazing and totally my style. I'm surprised that these jeans came high waist! It fits well, the material is good, and it looks exactly like the photos on their website. There are three size- Asian S, M, and L. I think the size guide is pretty accurate. I'm a size small so I requested Asian S and it took awhile for the jeans to settle in but once it was worn, it fits great. This reached way above my expectations. The price is definitively unbeatable!!

The dress that I received looked similar but the fit was wayyyyy different than how it looks on the stock photo. The material doesn't feel too good and the dress is supposed to be an inspired Brandy Melville smock dress but it's nowhere close to the design of the dress! The waistline on the dress is supposed to fall above the waist, making it look like a smock dress. However, the dress on dresslink does not look anywhere like a smock dress. Also the  dress is meant to have some flare so it can look flowy but the ruffle of this dress is quite uneven, making the dress look unflattering. You can see that  the dress is not evenly distributed to flare symmetrically. The right side has more ruffles than the left which basically has no ruffles that cinch by the waistline. This was a big disappointment for me. I can only cover this up by wearing a huge sweater or a cardigan over.

With this price, it is definitively worth it. Quite simple and easy to wear. The tank is breathable and made of good material just like the picture provided from the website. Looks exactly like the picture and super cheap! This was an easy pick.

The quality in Dresslink is not consistent. Some items are very good while some are just bad. The items are a hit or miss but it is understandable because the prices are ridiculously low and its one of the lower price ends of a wholesale shop. Based on what I've received, I would say that basic clothes like tank and shirts are reliable and also the jeans are a really good buy for it's price. If I'm ever looking for another pair of good jeans, I would definitively go to Dresslink.

Processing and Shipping
There are shipping costs which is calculated by weight. The whole process and shipping was pretty quick and they also included a tracking number with it. It took 2 days to process the items and get it out to ship. The shipping time took less than 2 weeks since I chose ePacket which is the cheapest but longest to arrive. I think the shipping wait is an average length. Usually shipping from international countries take more than 2 weeks so I have nothing to complain about against their processing and shipping.

My feelings for DressLink is wavering but I think it would be fun to give a try. The clothes are cheap and if you are particularly interested in Asian fashion, then this site is a great place to start. They frequently have sales and there's a lot of selections to browse so many fashion trends that you may recongize. I had fun looking through their clothes and accessories. Go for it!

You can check their stuff out at DressLink.com

In case you ever want to know, I found a 15% coupon code for you~ DLAFFI0124 or VEEDM15DL
If you have any questions about their shop, just comment and I will respond for sure!

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  1. I purchased $110.00 worth of merchandise from them and then I receive an email asking me to send a copy of my ID and a copy of my credit card REALLY after they took my money or they wouldn’t send me my items
    TOTAL SCAM i won’t ever have anything nice to say about this RIPOFF company DRESSLINK



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