Ripped, Distressed, but Well Dressed

September 14, 2015

photography to Sam
Lace Beaded Crop Shirt- Some Asian Boutique
Black Crop Tank- American Apparel
High Waist Ripped Jeans- c/o Dresslink
Platform Chunky Lace up Boots- H&M
Mini Leather Backpack- Cleo & Pateh
3 Piece Choker Set- c/o Dresslink

I love these jeans from DressLink!! I've never seen such beautifully ripped jeans before! These jeans are totally badass and I would re wear this as many times as I can! These jeans completely finished the look that I was going for- bad (and cheap). Showing a bit of skin and wearing black really gives off a bad girl vibe. I'm not sure if that fishnet looking lace crop top suit with the jeans... just hope it looks alright with it.

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