Halter bby

May 31, 2016

photography to Sam
Pink Halter Top- De Janeiro
Black Velvet High Wast Shorts- GU
Bart Simpson White Socks- Harajuku, Japan
White Fisherman Platform Sandals- Boohoo
Opal Crystal Choker- diy

Summer is here and I'm so excited!

Because of recent trends, I'm beginning to accept the fact that black and pink are a perfect match together. I enjoyed wearing this outfit because it showed a bubbly and fun side of me.

So, me and my friends went to see a sidekick and she read my palm and told me a guy friend really likes me, whoo?????? She continues, saying that I am going to be successful and have a house (yay) and have 2 kids (omg no, eeek!).

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