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July 21, 2016

photography to fuckhighclass blog

What I wore
Black sleeveless crop top - American Apparel
Black gym shorts - Forever21
Grid socks - Ebay
Black Platforms - H&M
Fanny pack - Amazon
Rose cap- Aliexpress
Rui Jun's outfit
Anime eyes crop tank - Ebay
Black sailor school skirt - Dressin
Platform Boots - Rosegal
Banana Totebag and Pink Cross Choker - Shopchokers

yes I am-sterdam!
I have never been to the Netherlands, let alone Europe. Here is my little touristy outfit!

What made me want to come here was that my good friend Rui whom I met through blogging along with her boyfriend Michael was there. I am so excited to meet them ever since the day I bought the airplane ticket. Truly so glad to meet them online and grateful that they are showing me around.

Check out this babe's blog -
She posts a lot of things like reviews, inspiration photos, and style looks
You will see a lot of us in the future! I will post a travel watev journal later.

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