July 24, 2016

photogrraphy to fuckhighclass
Vneck spaghetti tank - Old Navy
High Waisted Denim Shorts - American Apparel
Pink Bulldog Socks -  Forever21
White Platform Sandals - Boohoo
Pink Moon Ring Choker - Shopchokers
Rui Jun's outfit
Simpson Tee - Ebay
White School Pleated Skirt - Ebay
Socks - Moretights
White Platform Sandals - Newdress
Black Choker and Stone Choker - Shopchokers
Bracelet - Bornprettystore
Black Glasses - Ace and Tate

As you can see, we are wearing (almost) matching white platform sandals. That day, we went to Germany and had their schnitzel which was bombbb. I still can't believe I'm in Europe with my friend Rui chan! Surprisingly, the weather in Netherlands is just as hot and humid as it is in New York, ughhh

I'm having such a good time with Rui and her bf, Mike- kun. He lets me play my favorite game on his pc- overwatch! Being with them definitely opens up my perspective of many things.

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