September 7, 2016

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I went to Paris for a week with my good friends Rui Jun and her bf Mike.
We took a lot of photos and did a lot of touristy things like visiting top attraction places in Paris- Eiffel Tower, Seine River, etc. But we both had different agendas so I mostly ventured Paris on my own which was also quite an experience.

I still can't believe I went to Paris. I was warned many times about travelling to Europe at this time, especially Paris because of the recent political dangers of being there. It's a dream that I set foot in this great beautiful city! I took a ton of photos but I'll be sure to explain where/what I did in Paris!

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The photos are taken by dlsr and phone

Obviously, as tourists, the first thing we did was to see the Eiffel Tower on the first day. We gazed at the tower sitting at the park nearby. No mater where you go, the tower is quite a magnificent view but there are a number of places to catch a beautiful view of Paris. This was just one of the places called Centre Pompidou. I would definitely recommend this place especially since it is only €3.

The whole time in Paris, I did some thrifting and made several purchases. I do like browsing the thrift shops here but coming from a New Yorker, it does not beat the many varieties of thrift shops in New York. Mostly because the stores in Paris does not offer a lot of selections and I found  few of the clothes having loose threads, broken buttons, and rustiness which should not be bought at the demanded price tag. However, I will say that if you are more into European vintage fashion, then the thrift shops here will do.

Nonetheless, I am satisfied with what I bought especially the books at thrift shops! There were tons of books in French for 50 cents per book. I bought three books and hopefully that will help me with my French. If I ever have the chance, I am definitely going back for more books to read and hopefully by then, I will be fluent .. or something.

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The current exchange between usd and euro is respectively $1 to €0.91 which is not so bad but just be careful with how you exchange your money. I usually get it exchanged at an atm bank (preferably a bank that has an international partnership with my domestic bank). Never get your money exchanged at exchange stores because the conversion rate tends to (purposely) be inaccurate and may also charge a percentage fee, so you're really not getting the best value. 

Stay away from exchange stores!!

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If you are in the mood for desert, you should try eating an eclair in Paris and definitely check out L'eclair de Genie! They are famous for their eclairs and are located in the center of Paris. The flavors for eclairs are interesting and cute at the same time. The size is relatively palm sized and hands down, it tastes delicious! The sparkling toppings for eclairs really got my attention. I had crispy passion framboise (eng- rasberry) eclair and the taste was perfect in terms of sweetness and texture. I wished I stayed in Paris at little longer to at least try all the flavors they offer.

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Ever since I got to Paris, I found myself eating crepe often. They make it quick, crunchy, and have a variety of flavors from sweet to savory crepes. I once ordered a chicken cheese crepe which tasted quite good I must say. Honestly, I think any crepe shop will do and not any specific one because it just tastes great in general (and very filling).

Another place you should visit that also comes with a great view of Paris is located at the historical church of Sacre Coeur! Although it is quite a walk since there will be an uphill path filled with stairs, you will find yourself completely satisfied because the view is just so wonderful. The pictures above just proves it! Maybe have a picnic on an empty lawn on your way down because you can still watch the view while eating cheese and wine, If you really want to get to the dome of the church to catch a clearer view, I think it cost around €8.

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Do be weary of your personal things when walking in the streets of Paris so you wouldn't become a victim of robbery. Apparently it is very common than in New York (which is completely safe btw). It happened right under my nose! I personally was not the victim but it occured when I was walking down from the Sacre Coeur and a thief ran past me. I later saw three women chase after him. I realized that they were robbed and wish I could've done something but the only secure thing you can do is to prevent it from happening. Do not look completely touristy is my best advice for you lol.

If you would like to see the Eiffel Tower up close in a same level headed view, visit Le Trocadero. Again, it's one of those must see tourist areas but there's a reason why it's a must see place. The view as you can see from the pictures above are quite stunning. The square is pretty big with the Museum of the Man next to it. There were also a lot of mini vendors selling souvenirs, things like berets and 5 Eiffel Tower key chains for €1.

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I have never been to a greenhouse before so I'm so happy that my first experience was at Paris. The greenhouses here were so beautiful and breathtaking. Even though each green house was hot af and I was sweating a whole fucking lot, I still love every moment of my visit there. All the plants hovering over you is such an amazing feeling and will stricken you with awe. Also the outside of these greenhouses are just as beautiful as well. I would definitively come back and visit and maybe even picnic there too!

I loved that this park had more than just one green houses - it had more than 6! What's more, it's available for the public for free. There's also lots of different parks with different sizes next to it. This makes me appreciate nature and even more and love the the city of Paris.

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Paris, as you know it is very romantic city. Walking alongside the Seine river is very relaxing and one of the most romantic things you could do in Paris. The breeze feels really nice when walking along with the river and you can even sit by the river quite closely and just gaze at the bypassing boats and ships.

Most of the tourist attractions are also quite close to the Seine river- like the Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Paris Museum of Modern Art, and Louvre Museum. It may take almost half of the day to walk along the whole river since it's quite a distance.

This spectacular view can be seen from the top floor of the department store called Galleries Lafayette. Apparently there is also a rooftop bar which was pretty cool. And if you want to take a closer look of the view or the Eiffel Tower, they have binocular telescopes on the roof for you to take a look at. Also the department store itself has a lot of offer since there are tons of stores including high end makeup, souvenirs, clothing, food, etc.

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Tip: also if you want to plan your trips ahead of time and not get lost in Paris, there is an app called Map+ which can be used offline and show you your current location and the locations that you pinpointed as places you want to visit. It is very convenient as opposed to asking people, paper maps, or google maps (which requires internet service). I used this app to plan places that I really want to visit whether it be popular tourist attractions or even crepe shops, haha. It is very useful for me.

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I didn't really spend much nightlife in Paris because I usually don't go to bars, clubs, etc, by myself unless I am with my friends who enjoy having a good fun night out. Perhaps the next time I go to Paris, I would love to come over with my (single) friends.

 The view of Paris at night is just amazing as well. This was taken off by the Bir Hakeim station. There is this lovely park and a bridge where you can see the canal and the Eiffel tower  perfectly. When the sun sets, you start seeing lights glowing everywhere. I enjoy watching the sun set at Paris the most because of the mixtures of pretty pink, purple, and orangey hues. It just enhances the view even more mesmerizing.

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Overall, I think Paris is such a beautiful place to visit. It's very lively and the buildings are very old which makes me even appreciate the history about Paris even more. The city along with the people are quite romantic in a lot of aspects. There are many wonderful shops and vintage/thrift shops which I enjoyed browsing through. I am very definite in coming back to Paris, but this time I would also like to visit other places in France, being that it's a huge country there!

Thanks for reading this post. If you have any questions or any advice about France please comment. I would love to hear your thoughts and I'll be sure to reply and check out your blog (please link it in the comment). Thank you again.

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