Sailor Moon Top

September 29, 2016

photography to Brian

SAILOR MOON TOP: c/o Gamiss (link) RIPPED BOYFRIEND JEANS: c/o Stylewe

Helloooo, so fall is here now *cries*. Can't wear any shorts anymore but the mosquitoes are sorta gone now. Ugh, don't you hate it when the lighting on the photo comes out too dark and you are reluctant to even put it on your blog? I have really bad photography skills so this happens to me quite a lot

I couldn't wait to wear these platforms that I got in the H&M at the Netherlands! I was so shocked when I got these platforms and found out at the counter that they were on a freeking sale for 5 euros WTFFF-. Super crazy but super lucky for me as this was one of the last pairs on the shelf, hehe.

Lately, I've been into wearing baggy denim jeans... maybe it's the comfort-ability and the cool look? I never thought I would love wearing mom/boyfriend jeans because I usually like tight fitting wear. I've worn these crazily ripped up jeans in an earlier summer look, but I just love these jeans and the usual me would obviously pair this up with a tank displaying my favorite anime show, Sailor Moon from Gamiss.

Also hopefully in the next look, I will be able to wear the boyfriend jeans that my lovely boiii Brian got for me as a gift from Boohoo, hehe.

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