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October 12, 2016

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Gamiss contacted me 2 months ago (sorry for the late review post ><;;) and they kindly sent me several items. I wanted to share my experience with this webshop to you guys! You may have seen my outfits with them and I will link these items later as I talk about the item quality, price, shipping time, and satisfaction.

These items are sponsered by Gamiss but my thoughts and comments are completely honest.

It is basically a online fashion store that is located in China. They sell a variety of items sold at a cheap price but the site mainly focuses on selling the latest clothes and accessories that are in trend. There were a lot of clothing options and most of the style was geered towards Western fashion. I requested several tops, necklaces, a pair of shorts, a dress, and a bag. I was so excited when I got the package and now, I will share my thoughts on it!

The photos will respectively be shown as stock photo and the actual product of the photo taken by me via phone so sorry in advance if the quality doesn't look super crisp. I might add more photos later if I ever have the chance! (◕⌓◕;)

✧ ✦  

Milk Box Crossbody Bag
Price: $7.28

When I saw the stock photo, I immediately fell in love! This bag is so cute especially with the milk trend still going on. The actual bag looks exactly like the photo. Gamiss stuffed paper to help keep it's form. The quality of this bag feels great and seems promising and it also feels quite sturdy despite the fact that it's sold for a cheap price ɾ⚈▿⚈ɹ !1!

There are no zippers attached to the bag but there are magnetic clasps instead, which attaches strongly and doesn't fall off as easily which keeps the bag extra secured. As expected the space in the bag is small which is perfect for a little walk around the park or something, hehe. Essentials like a wallet, phone, and some tissues will suffice for the capacity of this bag. Extremely happy with this cute bag and will use over and over again!!!! (✿ ♥‿♥)

UPDATE (Nov'16): The metal clasps fell off and it seems like the cold rims of the bag were held down by a screw rather than being sowed down to the fabric. What???? I am planning on fixing it but there is no thread but a screw that was used to hold down the gold rims. I am confused.

I also did an outfit post with this top if you want to see more photos. I don't really have much to say but this cute tank top looks exactly like the stock photo. I picked this top because of the Sailor Moon art on it. The fit felt comfortable and fits on me perfectly (the site only has one size). Even the small logo in the lower right corner tag is on the tank top as well. The top is thin and breathable for the body. It gives off a shiny ish effect.

Price: $10.25

Although the tank was really simple, I took an interest in the graphic on the shirt since it looked grunge- esque. Turns out, the quality is really nice- feels soft and extremely comfortable when I wore it throughout the summer. This was definitely a good choice. The stock photo looks exactly like the actual product in the package. It is a bit big for me but it's not a problem because I can tuck it in a skirt or something like that

Price: $6.68

I LOVE this halter top! I also wore it in this look here in the summer. It's simple but so freaking cute!!! It sucks that its not cropped but the quality is actually great. I'm glad that I chose this product. I wore it as it is and also wore it under v-neck dresses which creates this cool geometic cut out type of look. The tank is breathable and it does not feel scratchy. It looks exactly like the photo but not as tight as the stock photo shows.

A photo posted by yl♻♻ (@everlastingpure) on

Price: $8.98

This top looks so cute and I actually did an outfit post wearing this top last month! It looks exactly like the stock photo except that it is probably not super cropped like the stock photo. But it's one size so that explains the stretchy texture of the top and why it might be a little longer on me. The top fits comfortably on me and it doesn't squeeze my shoulders (like other off shoulder tops I've seen). It's easy to wear and I felt really comfortable wearing this.

(;ↀ⌓ↀ) The only con however, is that the metal clasp that hooks in the choker is quite flimsy so it's easily breakable. The sewing place for the metal clasp was not sewn tightly and was kind of limping off a bit. After putting it into the washer, one of the metal clasp fell off so that sucks. This product is quite fragile but I really like the top and that was the only thing that bothered me.

A photo posted by yl♻♻ (@everlastingpure) on

Price: $10.50

The color is maybe 3% more beige but it's not even noticeable. The fringed part of these shorts are on point and the quality for this amazing price is surprisingly above my expectations- just perfect. It's not one of those denims that are thin and flimsy. It's the ones that are pretty thick and durable. The fit is also perfect and is not too big nor tight on me. Overall, these high waist denim shorts are exactly like the picture. I am in love with how the shorts look on me and it compliments my body shape. I think the size is pretty accurate for this product. Just love this!! Super happy with this product.

Price: 2.73
With this price, I was expecting a shabby and poorly made necklace with a fake plastic stone that is not properly glued (due to my experiences with other Chinese online webshops). However, to my surprise, the pendant is a real stone and looks exactly like the stone on the stock picture shown above. You could still see a bit of dried glue from the stone sticking to the pedant frame.

I am slightly disappointed with this product because the chain is not actually aligned symmetrically like the stock photo. As you can see one part of the chain is hanging longer than the other side of the chain. It's is something you can fix but you need the necessary tools and it's quite a troublesome thing to do. Sometime I will probably do because I kinda like this necklace  ᵟຶᴖ ᵟຶ

A photo posted by yl♻♻ (@everlastingpure) on

Price: $12.28

Okay, the truth is, I'm not a big fan of the material being made because the dress couldn't keep it's shape well. Also the dress extremely was super short! I mean, I already read the measurements and was prepared for the results but I didn't expect it to be that short! The dress on the stock photo looks slightly longer.

The bowknot looked cute but it was too heavy that it hanged a bit weirdly. Also it's nice that the dress has an under garment to cover the see through whiteness HOWEVER, the garment was too short, stopping at the hip area so it does not give full coverage on the lower half of the body. Basically what I mean is, you can see through the white dress on my ass if you look superrrrr closely ( ˃̶͈ ̯ ̜ ˂̶͈ˊ )

I was a bit surprised that the result of these qualities reached higher than my expectations. Quality are usually questionable and doubtful when ordering from Chinese based websites. Basically, tops and bags here are definitely really good quality and looks just as the pictures show on the website but as for dresses and jewelries... it's more of a hit and miss.

Processing and Shipping
Processing takes quite awhile depending on the items. There are some items that can ship out in 3 business days but then there are other items that gets shipped out wayyyyyyyyy later. I was informed that two items became out of stock a little over a week later which delayed the processing time. 

Also shipping is not free so it can be expensive as it is calculated based on the weight of the products you selected. So the more weight your cart has, the more expensive the shipping will be. If you want to save shipping, just select the cheapest since the processing will take long anyways (unless it is the product that ships out within 3 business days).

Easy to navigate the site, I do like it because the quality of the products are a bit better than other websites that are China based. So I would suggest this webshop for anyone who is looking to buy only bags, denim, and tops that are within their budget and don't mind the wait for shipping. Jewelries and dresses are questionable so I would stray away from them (and read the measurements carefully if you are planning to buy)

You can check out more of their items like this at Gamiss.com
They also have an ongoing coupon which gives you 15% off ~ DARE

If you have any questions or thoughts about this, please leave a comment below! I will appreciate and definitely answer any questions regarding about the website and/or review. 

Thank you for reading this post (⁎⁍̴ڡ⁍̴⁎)

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