Halloween outfit: 50's Lady

October 31, 2016

photography to Brian

VINTAGE DRESS: c/o Dresslily (link) CHOKER: Forever21
WHITE HEELS: c/o Dresslily (link) SATCHEL: Delmar

Happy Halloween!

This year for Halloween, I wanted to dress up someone in the vintage eras and when I saw this rose printed dress from Dresslily, I knew that I had to be someone from the 50's even though it was definitely not my style but the huge A-line dress, bold red colors, and the beautiful floral prints quickly caught me eye. It was super fun dressing up from the 50's, though a pain because I am wearing a petticoat under and it's just so poofy that it gets in the way when I'm sitting down. It's not exactly spooky because I didn't want to go through the pain of putting on blood makeup and also I'm not quite good at that, haha please excuse my laziness.

I think its fun to look forward to dress in someone who you're not but it could be challenging since it needs a lot of creativity.  I definitely did have trouble tying to put the pieces together for this look and including the makeup, But these cute white heels really did help me complete the look since I only own huge black platforms so it's nice to have a change of your look and wardrobe... like once every year that just happens to be Halloween.

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