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November 21, 2016

Hello, I did a look with Dresslily and I wanted to write an extensive review about their products, prices, services, and so forth. This web shop is based in China but they sell all types of clothing and accessory selections. They have so many things to offer, I spent a lot of time browsing their selections. I think my favorite part of their website is that they sell a lot of vintage inspired clothes for a really cheap price.

Items are sponsored from Dresslily but my thoughts and comments are completely 100% legit.

The photos will respectively be shown as stock photo and the actual product of the photo taken by me via phone so sorry in advance if the quality doesn't look super crisp. I also added a look that I did with a product. I might add more photos later if I ever have the chance! (◕⌓◕;)

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Price : $11.52 (sold out, browse)

Although not my style, I actually picked this vintage inspired dress for a Halloween costume that I planned on wearing as part of the 50's vintage lady. Here is the Halloween costume post if you are interested in seeing how I styled with it!

When I got the actual product, it looks exactly like the stock photo! The extra flowiness and the length if perfect. I just wore a petticoat under to create that bouncy look. Also the sizing seems pretty accurate as it fit perfectly on me. There is also a zipper hidden on the side of the dress for ease of putting in on. I ordered a XS (US size 0). It's also nice that the product includes the red belt which helps achieve the 50's look. For a very cheap price, the dress felt light and thin as I expected but the dress didn't seem very see through even though the dress color is white.


Price : $11.52

These beautiful shoes were also selected to pair with the vintage dress. To my surprise, everything looks exactly like the stock photo shown on the website. In the shoe box, it came with white shoe covers and a scented tea bag so that it didn't smell like it was freshly manufactured. You do know what I mean with the smell of new shoes, right? They kind of smell strong and some chemical so I think that's pretty efficient of the company to throw a neutral smell order in the box.

I love that there are small plastic stud like ridges on the edges of the chunky heel. It's cute and definitely unique. Other than the purpose of wearing it for my Halloween look, I usually wear it with skinny jeans and trousers. Also these shoes DO NOT HURT! It was so comfortable wearing them and very easy to put on despite the appearance with the ankle strap buckle. Don't worry, the belt is fake and you simple clip it on the metal clasp. Honestly, I'm so happy with how the product came to look irl!

Price : $29.27

This is probably my most favorite out of the three that I chose. I'm in LOVEEEEEE with lace ups. Also, I don't own a lot of coffee/caramel colored pieces especially in the shoes department, lol so these pair of beautiful chunky heels really stood out to me! So when I got this product irl, I was even more excited because it is true to the stock photo.

The feel of these shoes seems high quality and the heel is made out of hard plastic, which I honestly don't mind. For some reason I'm not quite sure why, but the bottom sole of the shoes are red... like you see in the iconic Louboutin's. Still, I don't mind because it's cute af. These shoes seems like it would hurt for the first day and will be fine after broken into. Sadly, I haven't worn these out for a style look yet but, I hope to wear it out soon despite the winter arriving.

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It refreshing and simple to browse to despite that they have a lot of selections that I found overwhelming to look through but you can filter by color, material, length, size, price, and so forth which can help the smoothness of online browsing. My only complaint is that I wish they added more stock photos and possible ways to style the stock item so it can inspire shoppers on how to style it and help decide to purchase or not. Sometimes there would be only one stock photo and it clearly doesn't enough justice for the real thing because the quality is great!

The quality to my surprise, is consistent and accurate with the photo. I'm extremely pleased with the outcome of the quality of these products. I think the key is that you shouldn't have high expectations especially when it comes to the price of what you are paying for. The shoes are exceptionally well made and it was very nice that it came with shoe covers. The vintage dress was cheap so of course, it would be cheaply made but it looked exactly like the stock photo so I had no complaints with that. If you refer to the stock photos, size measurements, and the description of what the material is made out of, then you'll be fine.

Processing and Shipping
I don't have any complaints in this sector because they seem to do a fine job here. Dresslink will ship out the package quick but if some items are currently not in stock, they will send out the items that are in stock first and then send out the rest once it is currently available. As this have happened to me also, so I first go the package in a week and the rest came in the following week or two. That's pretty efficient of them to ship out things thats available first.

I've had experiences in some China based websites that do not ship until they get everything together and there are times that I find out they didn't ship it out for a long time because some of the items were out of stock and they didn't even notify me that. Frankly, that is quite frustrating so I'm glad that Dresslink is not like that.

YAAAASSSSS, go for it, if you are totally interested in vintage clothes and vintage items. They have so many selections and also tons of vintage esque chokers. I would mostly recommend this store friends and shoppers who like vintage themed clothes and want to own a few pieces that are cheap to buy and have no high expectations. The prices are very reasonable, quality is pretty consistent with the item description and stock photo as well as the sizing measurements.

If you are interested in stopping by, they currently have a mega sale lasting for a whole week including Black Friday Sale. Also I found coupon codes for that extra saving~ RMN2016 (12% off) or JEWSEP (up to $12 off)

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If you have any questions/ thoughts or have any experience with Dresslily and already shared on your blog, please comment and share! I would love to hear from others as well and read other bloggers' review on this shop. Thank you for reading!!

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