Bralette and Jeans

April 27, 2017

photography to Jenna

FLANNEL: Ralph Lauren
BRALETTE: American Apparel
MOM JEANS: Thrifted

This week's look focuses on black and denim (as per usual with my other outfits) with a flannel combo coord. I love flannels and the best flannels you can get are from thrift shops, duh! I'm so blessed to live in New York where the best thrift shops are also located. I'll probably make a blog post dedicated to looks with flannel... once I accumulated enough flannel looks. There's just so many ways to wear flannel. I used to wear them as a dress and I still would if I have the chance too!

Last week, Lookbook featured me on their instagram and I'm so grateful for the 1k instagram follower mark. I have always been waiting for that moment and it finally happened!! Just wanna say thank you to all the new (and old) people who's been following me on instagram and blog!

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  1. I'm obsessed with your outfit! So edgy and cute. :)

  2. This outfit is super stylish! Love it so much <3 <3

  3. i love how you can pull this outfit off so effortlessly! amazing~

    Followed you on GFC, mind following me back?
    let's keep in touch! ^^


  4. Lovely outfit, you look amazing! ❀

    Do you wanna follow each other via GFC or Bloglovin? Lemme know ♥
    ❀ Blog de la Licorne ❀



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