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July 23, 2017

photography to Bella
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DENIM BAG: Mama made it
HIGH WAIST SHORTS: American Apparel

Ok so if you missed my 2 day instagram takeover with @lookbook, this whole blog post is basically a recap along with my full outfit photos of Day 1. I posted mini video clips of thrift shopping in New York City. Day 2 were video clips of me drawing this look (link will be added here later). Please don't mind too much of my video editing skills... it's quite tacky but I did have some fun trying to make it interactive as much as I could!

I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to express myself, my style, and creativity on their instagram account. So you could imagine how thankful and happy I was ~

Alright let's talk about thrifting in New York! So thrifting in New York- there's sooo many options and so many different stores to thrift from. There are also vintage boutiques as well. I went to 3 stores that day at downtown Manhattan but there's A LOT MORE than just 3. Probably close to a dozen perhaps?

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My #1 favorite store is No Relations Vintage Corp. They have chains across New York which makes sense because it's a really popular thrift store! It's soo affordable and cheap. They have TONS of selections and you'll enjoy browsing through their racks, I promise!!

I really love their store because they have so much vintage pieces that could be dated back from the late 70s to the 90s. Don't expect to find high end brands here but what you can expect are a lot of "Made in the USA" tags. Also the clothes that they sell here are actually in par with current trends!

I always find myself buying AT LEAST 1 piece of clothing every time I go there and it's most likely flannels because I love flannels and they sell SOO MUCH. I see a lot of flannels from brands like Gap, Ralph Lauren, and Uniqlo. The patterns are endless.

The next store that I went to was called Buffalo Exchange. I enjoy going to their thrift store because they do sell brand names for a cheaper price. I have seen them sell Topshop, Dr. Martens, Jeffrey Campbell, Acne, and a lot more brand names. The clothes that they sell are closely followed by current trends so I really like that about the shop and the price point is super reasonable!

This thrift shop is fairly organized and it's fun browsing through their accessories section located at the very front of the store. They have a lot of cool caps like pizza embroidered caps and groovy looking socks, haha. They also sell these really cute diy patches and pins like taco and cat pins and more.

I was sooo happy when there were selling this bucket hat from Stussy. It's so simple and I do love bucket hats (even though its going out out of trend ish). I think for $15, it's quite a nice steal :)

I generally love thrifting because it's fun to look through clothes and every piece of clothing has some sort of history. Thirfting also saves money as well as helping the environment! I think that kills more than 2 birds with one stone, no?

Thank you so much for checking out this blog post and I hope you enjoyed the videos from the insta story that I have posted with Lookbook's account. In the next blog post, I will be posting a LB instagram takeover day 2 recap. The second day I did video clips of the process of drawing, particularly on this outfit so you'll be able to see my draw, trace, color, and digitalize it!

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  1. I really like your outfit! After reading about these cool thrift shops, I'm definitely motivated to go thrifting. Awesome post! :)

  2. Looking so fine in this dress :)
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  3. The background was so superb..



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