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July 25, 2017

Hi, this was a long awaited blog post review but I'm finally content with publishing this post. I'm writing a review about a webshop called StyleWe, as I have already gotten several cute products from this webshop and I wanted to share my experience with the webshop for future serious buyers. The items were sponsored from StyleWe, but it was my decision to write a review and the content is written with 100% genuinity.

Stylewe is not just a typical online webshop. What makes StyleWe special is that they sell products that are designed and created from individual designers. I like that the webshop is supporting and spreading the works of such individual designers. There are almost infinite selections of their designer database as well as products so there are many different styles ranging from casual to something elegant and formal!

High waist distressed jeans - Other Crazy (sold out)

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Full look here

I thought that these jeans are so perfect to wear in the summer because of the distressed parts lets my legs breathe easily and also I've never seen such jeans like this! The cuts and the design of these jeans is so phenomenal and so unique, it really stands out among their jeans selections. When I got the actual product, it's like the stock photo is based off from the actual product. So basically, what I want to say is that it is definitely true to the photos shown on the website.

The quality of these jeans are more on the thin side but I don't mind because the design of these jeans look like they are meant to be worn in warmer seasons. The sizing actually fit me so it seems like the measurements are accurate as well. ɾ⚈▿⚈ɹ

Turtleneck knit sweater - Sikya
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A photo posted by yl♻♻ (@everlastingpure) on

Full look here

I am so in love with this knit sweater because of the huge chunkiness and the cute coffee/ coco color of it.  Once again, the actual product and stock photo are both alike. It may not seem like it but the color of the sweater is exactly the same. It's just that somehow the lighting made the color of the sweater look lighter but don't worry, its still got that coffee color to it. I would say that the sweater probably reached higher than my expectations. The material is 50% wool which explains why it and doesn't feel so scratchy on my skin and keeps me really warm.

I think since the model is tall, the sweater fits on her proportionately, but when I got the sweater and tried it on, it's actually huger and baggier on me. The sleeves of the sweater went past my hands, boy, did I felt like a cozy cocoon wearing this sweater. haha. It will probably shrink when it goes in the washing machine.

Black midi skirt - Zijue

Full look here

The designer behind this skirt focuses on minimal style which reminded me that I needed more minimal pieces in my closet! Quality wise, this skirt is 100% cotton so the feel of the material is nice and does not itch on my legs. As for the fit, I'm pleased to find out that there is an adjustable string that you can tie around the waist to secure the fit of this skirt.

The quality of these items are outstandingly perfect and reached higher than my expectations!! I was in awe when I got the actual products and was surprised that it is exactly off from the stock photo. You can tell even in all the photos I took, that the quality is strictly consistent with the stock photos provided in the website.  I believe the measurement chart on the website is also very accurate and you can confidently rely on it.

I've come to understand and appreciate that the products sold on the webshop are carefully made because there was not even a single mere string hanging off from the skirt or sweater! This explains about the price that reasonably fits the product's value because such designs that are offered from StyleWe are very unique, and selectively designed from individual designers where you cannot find anywhere else.

Shipping and Processing
StyleWe's team is very efficient in this department and ships it out soon after the purchase (2-5 business days according to their website) and shipping would take about a week or so. Very good in this area so I wouldn't have to worry much about the time as the shipping time is average like other reputable webshops.


Yes, I would hands down recommend this webshop to anyone if they want something different (but definitely part of your style), unique, and designed by a creative designer! There are so many different types of styles and designers that StyleWe can offer. I love the fact that they support up and coming designers and they offer sooo manyyy products. The material is high end quality, product looks exactly like stock photo, and shipping is not a problem. I don't have any complaints against this shop. I think you will find yourself pleasantly surprised and satisfied with StyleWe's products.

Hope you enjoyed reading the review and if you have any questions or thoughts or also have any experiences with StyleWe, I would love to hear from you.I reply back!

Here is link to StyleWe website, in case you are interested


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  2. Great review! I really like your honesty. The clothes and outfits looks awesome too. :)



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