August 16, 2017

On this blog post, I will be doing a clothing review with ZAN.STYLE, an online store that sells high quality pieces with simple designs that's perfect for everyday wear. The prices are more on the higher side but it's quite understandable because they sell high quality clothes. ZAN.STYLE contacted me last month for a review post and were generous to send me two items that I really liked because they were both simple and cute at the same time.

I will be giving my fully honest review about this store and their quality clothes. Please scroll down if you are interested in comparing the stock and real photos! I also did looks for these clothes as well



Gingham Blouse

So the first item is this beautiful gingham patterned blouse with bell sleeve layered ruffles. I love this blouse especially because it's really simple but the bell sleeves could make any outfit look cute and elegant. The wear of this was very comfortable and breathable and the quality was exceptional. The stitching on the blouse is well done and both sides of the sleeves are perfectly symmetrical. It looked geometrically right and the sleeves were well designed.

Also the packaging of this shirt was so cool! They were folded neatly and the shape was kept well by these small plastic pins on the side. I think that's really clever for them to do that.



Ankle Jeans

The next item that I got are these pair of jeans. The one thing that really caught my attention was the bottom hem of these jeans because it gave off that high low effect and was neatly cut. Unfortunately I didn't read the sizing measurements so the length went past my ankles but I guess that's expected because the model was super tall on their stock photos. The fit on my waist is pretty good though. I am a size 0 and I ordered an S and it rested right below my belly button. I would say these jeans are mid high waist type.

The comfort of these jeans are quite comfortable because the material was made of cotton and only 2% of spandex. The texture of these jeans felt less rough and more on the stretchy side but the look of these jeans are still thick enough to look like what a 100% denim jean would look. The stitching of these jeans were impeccable. I was extremely impressed!

I am impressed with the quality with the products that this online store sells. The stitching was really flawless that I was really impressed! For the price, I can definitely expect a high quality product. So I would understand why their price point cost a little more because their designs are simple but impeccable with flawless stitching.

The site is easy to navigate which I think is a plus for consumers. Also I like the design of the site because it is simple and it doesn't require you to do a lot of work navigating the site. The site is easy on the eyes and the banners are friendly and cute!

The verdict? Yes, I would recommend this online store to anyone who is interested in simple and longer lasting quality of clothes. They also sell unique designs which could be styled elegantly or casually. The online store also sells basic clothes which is affordable. However, please please please check the sizing measurements. The stock photos are the real deal but look at the measurements beforehand!!

You can take a look at ZAN.STYLE
If you have any questions about their shop, please leave a comment and I'll get back to you asap!


  1. I really enjoyed reading your review! The jeans definitely caught my attention. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Those white-grid-on-black socks and the teddy bear are fab -
    I love tiered ruffles, so naturally I love the wide tiered ruffle bell gingham blouse. I also very much love the black skirt you paired it with in the third photo - it's a pretty outfit!

  3. omg i love how in depth your review was!! it was so easy to follow and your photos are so pretty! which made me curious i want to know what your room looks like hehe lol



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