Nude Clue

September 14, 2017

photography to Jenna

MESH BLOUSE: Aliexpress
BLUE SKIRT: Korean Boutique
CLEAR HEELS: Forever21

I bought this skirt a couple years ago but I have never gotten the chance to wear it but when I saw this mesh blouse I knew it would be a perfect to wear! The outfit has romantic features because of the sleeves and the flared parts of the dress and also the color between these two really goes well with each other. I can't wear to wear this mesh blouse in the future.

Also I'm so happy and grateful that I have reached 2k followers on instagram! I think someone laughed at me when I said my plans were to reach 3k in the Summer. Although I didn't get 3k followers, I am extremely grateful that my personal style and drawings was able to reach 2k nonetheless. There was a time when I thought it would be impossible to even be where I am today but I clenched my fist and stayed positive throughout. Many good things certainly happen when you are positive and thankful. Thank you!

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  1. I love your outfit! The skirt and the heels looks stunning together. :)

  2. Your outfit you styled is very beautiful!!! I really, really LOVE BOTH the romantic mesh blouse from Aliexpress and the blue skirt from Korean Boutique - so pretty!

  3. I love this look! It's so simple but chic! Anna Ziuzina

  4. LOVE the outfit, the blouse is so pretty! Congrats on 2k Instagram followers :)
    abi |

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