Mixxmix Review (Pleated Skirts and More!!)

October 14, 2017

Hello, today's post is featuring my favorite Korean brand, Mixxmix. They are an online store and it's super popular among young females because of their cute and simple designs. You might know them from their instagram because the stylists really know how to coordinate their products cute and simple. It's so stylish and can be styled in a number of ways from girly to grunge to minimalism! They are really hyped up especially their tennis skirts so I wanted to know if it's really worth the hype.

Disclaimer: I bought all of these by myself so my opinions are 100% legit (and will always will be regardless)!!



Black Pleated Skirt

At a price of $40, I thought it would be good and reasonable investment compared to the classic famous American Apparel's tennis skirt priced more than $50. There were so many good stock photos and I loved how they styled it.

However, I am a little disappointed. Although the skirt did deliver accurate photo expectancies, the fit was a little loose and the pleated parts of the skirt was not strongly structured. The pleated side of the skirt was losing it's consistency in structure. I compared between American Apparel's and Mixxmix's but the one from AA shows more structure support so you won't have to worry of the folded pleats from flattening or losing it's shape and the material was A LOT THICKER. The quality of Mixxmix is thin, light, and a little cheaply made.

Ok, maybe you think I'm rating this harshly... but in my defense, have you ever owned an American Apparel's tennis skirt??? The quality from AA is way too good so I had high expectations for Mixxmix as well because I have owned a couple of clothes from them that were really good quality. My money will deff go to AA if we're talking about solid one color pleated skirts.

The structure of this actually way better than the solid colored pleated skirts. The pleated parts were consistent and also the pattern is solid- meaning the angle isn't like 5 degrees diagonal and were in perfect vertical and horizontal lines. The bonus about this skirt is that it has safety shorts sewn into the shorts which really makes me feel safe because these skirts are shorta skirt.

It loses one star because the quality is the same- thin, a little loose and just light. It makes me worry how long the pleated parts will loose it's structure and when it does, it will just look too weird! Though I do like this skirt A LOT so it's worth the price for around $23.

Black Crop Tee

One thing I love about Mixxmix is that their basic clothing section really is basic but the material is reputably great. I think they offer more sizes but I chose the smallest because my size is xs. The color is black and it fits snug to my body and the stretchiness is sturdy. It won't pull so easily so the fit of this shirt is longer lasting which I approve!!

White Crop Tee

I got the same exact crop top above but in white version so my review and thoughts is the same as my comments for the black crop tee.

What attracted me to buy this sweater was the color of it and it's turtleneck which is something I really find trendy. Also the $30 price tag seems reasonable based on the quality and the look of this sweater. Also this sweater is unisex so it gives off that oversized look. It looks chunky but it does not feel heavy so it most likely won't keep me that warm unless I wear something under in the upcoming winter months. The look of the sweater looks exactly like the pictures and the color is consistent as I've seen on the stock photos as well.

I apologize for the color difference but it's because of the lighting angles and the camera quality for both sides of the phone. I would say the color is closer to a pinker color (the ones that the selfie camera displays).

I think the price is reasonable but I wish the skirts was in a consistent fixed form when spending my money for that. I'm huge fan of pleated tennis skirts and it really bothers me if the fit and the structure is not consistent because the shape of these skirts really enhances the body of a woman so if something trivial like the sewing is messed up, it could really alter the whole look. Other than that, the pricing is good for other products like shirts and sweaters.

The quality is not bad, considering the price that they are asking. Also they are one of a kind brand with unique designs that you can't really find anywhere else. The crop tops and simple long sleeve shirts from the basics sections are nice. Their photos are informative and the quality is great. I would say their tops and denims are good quality because I have ordered their denim skirt and heavy sweaters before but the tennis skirts would be sort of half-assed so they lose one star from me.

Shipping was a reasonable wait. Might have taken between 2-3 weeks but no more than a month. They give you order shipping details via email once it's transported out. So I don't have much complaints here.

Yes I would continue to shop from here once in a while. I said once in a while because the setback is that free shipping is not available unless you spend more than $200 (lol) and also I may have lost a little respect from them after I received the pleated skirts. I would still wear them though it's just that no tennis skirts can't EVER beat American Apparel!! Sorry if I'm really hung up about the tennis skirts but seriously, have you ever own a skirt from AA?? It cannot be comparable to others!

If you have any questions about their shop, please leave a comment and I'll get back to you asap!

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  1. How ! Maybe i'll try the basic section tho ♥

  2. This review was so informative and so detailed!!! I seriously love the pics you took in your bedroom the lighting is so good! and I love your comments about AA skirts lol I dont own one but I have felt the quality and I know what you mean their skirts are rly NO JOKE!!!

  3. You look beautiful showcasing all of these pretty outfit pieces from Mixxmix! I love the look of the crop-tops, the pleated skirts, and the mauve pink turtleneck sweater.
    I can see the difference between Mixxmix pleated skirts and the pretty white American Apparel tennis skirt you wore in your post Kink Pink. Great reviews! You look beautiful in all of your outfit photos!




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