Meibe Laneige Korean Skincare/Makeup Review

August 21, 2018

Sorry for the long awaited review. This review is going to be extensive with a before and after photos (photo heavy beware). In this blog post, I'll be doing Laneige skincare/makeup review from MEIBE. This Korean based website sells different Korean brand names in skincare and makeup at discounted prices. There are so many varieties and Korean brands that are available on their website. Please do check their website out-

MEIBE was kind to send me products to review and there will be more upcoming review blogs of Korean products from them in the near future as well! I want to thank them so much for their patience and sending me these products because *spoiler alert* IM IN LOVE WITH THE PRODUCTS!

As always, I will be giving a full honest review of each products. Please scroll down and press the READ MORE button if you are interested in seeing the swatch and how it really looks!

BB Cushion Whitening SPF 50+

BB Cushion Whitening SPF 50+

Wow, first impression is - I absolutely love the packaging of this product from Laneige. It came with a holographic boxed packaging and a refillable bb cushion. I find the bb cream cushion compact is so cute and the outer shell has a subtle holographic shimmer that shows strongly once it's under the light. I love the minimal finish of this product and the smooth ease of opening the product.

Also having done research about this product, the ingredients are completely safe and Laneige  is actually the #1 best selling and top most selling when it comes to bb cushion compact. It's also a plus that they have SPF 50!! Perfect to protect your face and look good at the same time!

Now onto the actual product, itself. I put a light layer all over my face and it did not feel heavy at all!  It felt super natural that sometimes I forget it's on my face. The consistency was great and I liked the fact that it blended quite nicely to my skin complexion. The bb cream has a "brightening" effect (idk why the product name is whitening tbh) and left a dewy glow finish to my face.

Can we also talk about the scent of this bb cushion? IT SMELLS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, like my face smells amazing!! It just smells so refreshing and clean.

I really love their two tone lip tint bar because it's gives off a natural texture to the lips and the color is very pigmented. I really like the packaging of this lip bar because of it's simplicity and the pastel pink and silver combo creates a cute look to it.

I'm not quite sure of this lip bar is supposed to give off that gradient look because of the color block on the stick where there's a dark shade on the top but at the bottom is a pale shade of pink color. Personally, I feel like it was a deep tinted lip balm and the pale shade of pink helps smooth out the bright red orange shade. It's not exactly giving that obvious gradient look that you might expect.

Nonetheless, this lip bar keeps my lip hydrated throughout the day. Since the consistency is more of a balm like texture, the color can rub away easily. I would recommend to apply it on your lips to retain it's color if needed.

I absolutely love this lip mask! It's so cool that there is a mask made for the lips and the purpose of this product is that it hydrates your lips overnight and when you wake up, your lips are well moisturized and leaves it feeling soft and silky.

The packaging of the product was neat and minimal (which they never disappoint), and they included a small silicone spatula to help apply the product onto the lips. Even though the container seems small, I noticed that this mask could really last for a loooooong time because a I only needed a very small amount for it to cover my whole lips (and no, my lips are not thin so even fuller lips can use a small amount too!!!)

I really enjoyed using this lip mask especially since it's winter here in New York, my lips can often be prone to dryness. When I use this product, my lips stay moisturized throughout the whole day.

I assumed that this product was a mask where you would peel off after it dries based on the title but when I read the instructions, this was a mask that is meant to be massaged onto your face for 10-15 minutes and then rinse it off.

First off, I want to say that there is so much product in this container! It will definitely last for a long time. The mask is actually a paste-like consistency with a grainy feel rather than expecting a creamy texture from a mask jar. Although the word "peeling" in the title may sound misleading, this mask gives off AMAZING RESULTS. I personally feel like it's a gentle mask exfoliator because there is facial massaging (or scrubbing as some would refer) required because of the small grains.

What I really like about this product is that Laneige infused actual strawberry bits into this mask jar and these small grains are very gentle to the face. I barely felt the tiny particles gliding through my face. This makes me feel good that it won't cause any irritation and that it's gently remove the dirty skin cells away. Generally, it's a BIG NO NO to exfoliate your face with rough textured grain/ beads. It's too harsh on the face and will leave scarring as you get older so DO NOT use rough facial scrubs or exfoliators that have salt like grains!!!!

You can tell from my photos of the before and after use of the mask product. It calms the redness and smooths down any blemishes and temporary pimples/acne. You can definitely see a lot of improvement from Week 1. YOU CAN, CAN'T YOU??? Ins't it sooo crazy????! I take a photo before I use the peeling mask at night, then I take another photo the next day in the morning. I am extremely impressed with the effectiveness of this product. The direction says to use it 2-3 times a week but I used it maybe at least once a week and I'm very happy with the results.

Skin Veil Base Ex SPF 22 PA++

Skin Veil Base Ex SPF 22 PA++

The last product review I want to share is this face primer and it focuses on brightening and giving the skin a subtle natural glowing look. The base primer includes spf 22+ which is generally a good thing to prevent you from getting skin cancer. Wow and the smell!!! I have to say, just like the Laneige BB cushion compact, it smells godly amazing!

The texture is quite creamy and very easy to absorb when rubbed/ patted onto the face. I noticed that it gives off a subtle natural glow because there are tiny specks or pearlescent-like shimmer added onto the primer and it is evenly dispersed on the skin. I love it! If you can see the before and after, it leaves a brightening effect onto my skin.

I absolutely love the simplicity and the clean cut shapes of the packaging for this product, it really fits the aesthetic to this product. The nozzle outputs just enough amount than pushing out wayyyy too much. I like that the container is clear so you can see how far left the amount of the product is. Even the smallest details like this matter.


I have never owned any products from Laneige so I am extremely impressed and pleased with their brand. The packaging style looks like it could belong in high branded shelfs. I love the clear and holographic combination and they do not use any bold or neon type of colors. Laneige is able to still attract my attention without trying to follow other k-beauty packaging trends. I am also impressed that Laneige delivered great results especially for the BB cushion which gave excellent coverage to the face.


The price of these products are so affordable and are future discounted from the regular price available at MEIBE. I think it's a great price steal considering that these products from Laneige deliver amazing results, has ingredients that are safe for our skin to consume and absorb, and a very generous amount of product put into each container!


Hell yassss, I would reccommend the products I reviewed to any friends, especially looking for that healthy and brightening skin transformation. I think Laneige truly accomplished their goal in keeping a clean, minimal, and cute packaging but also being gentle to the person's skin when it comes to skincare and cosmetics. It gives off that natural perfected look. Not to mention, the price point is on the affordable end.

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