Cherry Summer

September 10, 2018

photography to Bella


This outfit is the summer outfit 2!
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I recently went to Coney Island to meet my close friend Bella! It's been months since I've last seen her. The last time I went to Coney Island was actually last year with her around this time in the summer. It was a super hot that day and we were dumb and wore jeans TO THE BEACH... haha wtf were we even thinking!????? Whatever, it was still dope- we laughed it off and went on those amusement park rides. We definitely learned from our dumb decision for sure cuz this year I opted out to wear a flowy, breathable maxi dress! She was wearing cute big tee.

I love the gingham pattern on this particular dress - it's so simple and cute. The pattern gingham reminds me of summer and so does cherry so I decided to pair them together with this beautiful cherry crossbody bag from ZAFUL. The 3D cherry is made from red knitted pom poms which is truly the cutest thing I've ever seen on a bag!!

We hung out in the beach and went to the newly installed shark tunnel exhibition in the aquarium. It felt pretty mystical ngl. Part of me feels bad for the fishes that are stuck in there because there's not a lot of space to roam. They are just closed off from the outside ocean world but at the same time I guess they're protected because the ocean is filled with garbage which could kill them.

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